Growing up in a home where our family vacations always took us somewhere new, I got the travel itch officially while living in Seville, Spain during college for a semester study abroad. Being based somewhere so central in Europe, my eyes were really opened and we took full advantage by traveling to different countries almost every weekend. 

Five years later I found myself working in Tokyo, Japan for a few months for work and I was officially in love with the world and travel.

Since then, my now husband and I have tried to squeeze in trips as often as possible while balance our 9 to 5 jobs. I wanted to start sharing some of my own travel tips after getting tired of spending so many hours editing pictures and planning trips but not being able to share my joy in doing both with others. In planning our vacations, I always find other blogs and websites the most useful resources regardless of whether the content is from a well known website or small blog.

I hope you find the content and images useful in your own planning!