Iceland is one of those places that growing up I never gave any thought to traveling to but then very suddenly out of nowhere I notice other friends or friends of friends starting to visit this Nordic island and something seemed to just click. Fast forward a few months and I had a girls trip planned for a long weekend. Whether you're traveling solo (it's very safe), with a friend, significant other, spouse or family, and regardless of the time of year (more of that here), it's a great way to spend a long weekend. I tried to include some of the useful tips that I found helpful planning and then traveling through Iceland as well as my full itinerary, favorite photo ops and lots more below!

4 day Iceland itinerary

We planned a quick long weekend trip to Iceland but next time, I would love to rent a car and spend a week driving around the perimeter of the island. My favorite parts were furthest from Reykjavík but it was fun to see the more traditional tourist areas on my first trip here. I broke out my itinerary in three parts for the three full days we spent here. You can find them here, here and here.

Top 10 Things to do in iceland

From Northern Lights hunting to our favorite waterfalls and best bakeries in Reykjavík, these are 10 of our favorite things to try in Iceland for a long weekend trip.

Iceland Travel Guide

When can you see the Northern Lights? What seasons are safe to self-drive in Iceland? How many nights can you stay in Reykjavík? How long should you plan your trip for?

Photographing the Northern Lights

A step by step guide to photographing the Northern Lights for beginners. We included all the settings you'll need for any experience level to capture the  aurora borealis

Top Instagram-worthy shots

You've probably seen each of these a thousand times if you are starting to think about your trip to Iceland but even for a long weekend away these are all must see places

Iceland Photo Diary

I find scanning travel websites and blogs one of the best sources of information for my own trip planning. Here you'll find some of my favorite shots from our long weekend in Iceland.

Best things to eat in Reykjavík

We loved just about everything we tried here. Icelandic hot dogs, best bakeries in Reykjavík, lamb soup at Geysir and a micro-brewery bar are some of our favorites in Iceland.