#1 - Seafood

It's not surprise that seafood is popular in Iceland considering it's an island surrounded by water on all sides! And like many islands there is a variety of tasty seafood dishes to try. You'll read many blogs suggesting the fermented shark (we didn't try it when we were there...) but if you're not as adventurous, you can stick to more traditional fish dishes. One recommendation is to try a fish stew dish. A lot of restaurants will serve something like this in a skillet with fish, vegetables, potatoes and fish stock. It comes out as a very thick and hearty "stew" and it was delicious!


#2 - Iceland Hot Dog

This is a funny one. Hot dogs in Iceland? It's a real thing though. One thing I regret about my trip to Iceland is not trying a hot dog - but there's always next time. 


#3 - Skyr Yogurt

Skyr yogurt is a thick dairy product something similar to a mix of cottage cheese and yogurt. Technically it's a cheese but most people think of it more as a yogurt. Sadly, I can't say I enjoyed this while I was in Iceland either but after some post trip research, it will be a must try for my next trip!


#4 - Lamb Soup

Lamb in Iceland is everywhere, and it's delicious. I had it served a few different ways, but one that you must try is the Lamb Soup. The restaurant at Geysir happens to make a delicious version that I would recommend trying if you're visiting the Golden Circle.


#5 - Pastries

This one you may not see on every other guide to best foods in Iceland but trust me, the pastries in Reykjavík are really good! We loved both Sandholt Bakery and Braud Bakery for the fresh pastries, and plenty of variety