Part 2

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The first 3 days of our London itinerary focus on most of the iconic sights where the next two days focus more on history, food, relaxation and some of the prettiest and less well known neighborhoods.


Day 4

Today, start your day with some culture at one of London's many museums like the Tate Modern or the Natural History Museum or spend the morning admiring centuries of royal jewels at the Crown Jewels. If you choose the Crown Jewels, you'll get a beautiful view of Tower Bridge - and it's also fun to walk across it. Afterwards, take a tour of the city on one of several boat cruise options. Most tours last around an hour and it's such a fun way to see the city - plus you get great views of all of the bridges, the London Eye, and Big Ben.


From here, hop on the tube and head to Marylebone, one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. Have a late lunch at Chiltern Firehouse (make sure to have reservations in advance) and then take in Marylebone's high street. This neighborhood has so many beautiful brick buildings and a distinct style of architecture compared with some of the other areas you've seen in the first few days in London.

From here, if you're up for a walk, head north through The Regent's Park to Primrose Hill where you'll find a residential neighborhood with beautiful colored buildings. On Primrose Hill you'll get a unique view of London's skyline from a distance.


Day 5

Today, take the day to spend outside of the city. Windsor, Oxford or Cambridge are all good options and easy to get to on the train so you don't have to worry about renting a car. The town of Windsor may be especially popular now after the Royal Wedding and it has a great high street with plenty of shops and restaurants 

Day 6

For your last day in the city, spend the morning at one of the museum's you haven't visited or the Crown Jewels if you missed it earlier in the week. Just before noon, meet up with your Eating London tour guide for their East End Food Tour. We love sampling as many local foods and drinks as possible when we travel and this company hosts great food tours. The East end of London isn't as popular with tourists either so you'll be able to explore a new area at the same time.

After your tour, head to Canary Wharf to check out this relatively new part of the city that began being built up in the 1980's to what it is now. It's a huge financial center rivaling The City and is filled with mainly office buildings but with it's views of the river and history as a port, it's worth it to check out.

If you can even think about dinner tonight, try one of the city's more ethnic restaurants. There are plenty of good Indian and Middle Eastern places to try as well as your more traditional British pub food if you haven't gotten your fill of fish and chips yet.

While you could easily spend more than 6 days in London, this should give a pretty comprehensive overview of the city and it's history, neighborhoods, architecture and cuisine... until next time!